Using Email Blasts to Promote Your Contest

Have a dedicated email list? Email blasts can be an important tool in getting the word out about your GoGo Photo Contest fundraiser.

Why Email Marketing?

In the age of social media, many organizations abandoned email as a means to reach their audience, but in the age of Facebook limiting engagement (unless you pay to boost a post), it's perhaps time to return to this way of spreading your message.

You should strongly consider reaching out to your audience via email blasts if you have any email lists. If you don't have email lists, it's time that you consider compiling one to use in future fundraising efforts (the email addresses collected in your GoGo Photo Contest fundraiser could be a great place to start!).


Emailing CURRENT Contest Participants

Our system automatically sends a number of customizable emails throughout your contest, but we do not offer the option to send one-off marketing emails outside of these automatic emails.

You have access to all of the email addresses of the participants of your contest and can use this information to send your own mass emails.

You can read how to send a mass email to current contest participants here➝


Emailing PREVIOUS Participants

If you've run a contest with GoGo Photo Contest in the past, marketing your newest contest to your previous contest participants should be a no-brainer for ONE BIG REASON: 

They have already shown previous interest in participating in a photo contest fundraiser held by your organization!

You can read more about finding previous participant email addresses here ➝


Samples of Email Blasts



Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue have joined us for their annual photo contest since 2018, and in that time they have raised over $191,000. The amount raised through their annual photo contest has increased every year, and email marketing through Constant Contact is a big component to their messaging about their fundraiser.

Contest Setup:

TBBR has separate entering and voting deadlines in their contest and issue email messages regarding both. They also make use of our entry promotion, vote promotion, calendar pre-order, and reserve-a-day modules. They keep both the reserve-a-day and calendar pre-order module live past the ending of their contest, which gives their participants extra time to still be included in the calendar. 

Here are some examples of the messages they sent out over the course of their 2023 contest (click each Subject line to see an image of their messaging).

💡 TBBR downloaded their contest banner to use as a header in their email blasts. 

Before Contest:

TBBR's 2023 Calendar Contest is Almost Here!

During Contest:

The 2023 TBBR Calendar Contest is Here!

Last Chance! Early Bird Offer Ends Tonight! (entry promotion)

Don't Miss Out - Sunday is Last Day to Enter!

Flash Sale - Vote for Your Favorite Beagle! (vote promotion)

Time is Running Out! Today is Last Day to Enter

Flash Sale TODAY ONLY ENDS AT MIDNIGHT! (vote promotion)

Time is Running Out! Less than 3 Days Left

It's the Final Countdown - Voting Ends Tomorrow at 10:00 pm ET!

Today is the BIG DAY - Voting Ends TONIGHT at 10:00 pm ET!

Only a Few Hours Left! Voting Ends TONIGHT at 10:00 pm ET!

After Contest Winner Announcement:

Drum Roll Please! 2023 TBBR Calendar Results

After Contest Reserve-a-Day Reminder:

We Want to See Your Pet, but Time is Running Out

After Contest Calendar Pre-Order Reminder:

Last Day to Order the 2023 Calendar

Order 2023 Calendar by 12/15 - Get in time for Christmas!


While one or two email blasts is a great place to start, Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue provides an excellent example of using email blasts to keep their contest in the forefront of their audience's minds.


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