Finding the Votes Applied to a Specific Entry

Occasionally you may be approached by a participant that claims that they are missing votes on their entry, or that their entry total should be higher than what it is.

If a participants claims that there are votes missing on their entry, it's helpful to know the following:

The name of the participant
The participant's email address
Their entry name
The name and/or email address of the person that voted (whose votes are missing)

We provide two methods for confirming who has voted on an entry, and double-checking vote totals. These methods are detailed below.

Checking for votes as a Contest Admin:

1. Log into the GGPC Admin:

2. Click on Entries at the top of the GGPC Admin:

3. The Contest Entries- Approved page loads. Search for the participant in question by either looking for an entry that matches their name or email address (CTRL + F might help with your searching).

Once located, click the green check mark icon next to the participant:


4. The Entry Information page loads.

This page contains a list of all of the votes that have been applied toward an entry. (There is also an option to transfer or credit votes on this page, which you can learn more about at this link).


5. Check to see if you can find the missing voter's information. If located, you can let the participant know that the votes have been accounted for. It might be helpful to provide them with the date and time stamp that they were applied (under the Date Applied column), so that they know that they were registered in our system.

6. If it's the vote total that is in question, you can tally up the votes in the Votes column. The vote total is also supplied under the entry photo:


Checking for votes as a Contest Participant:

The second method involves the participant directly.

You can instruct the participant to sign into their account at your contest website.


Under their My Entries dashboard, they can double-check the names of the voters (and number of votes) applied to their entry.

We have instructions at the following link. You can share these instructions with your participants:

Here's an example of what they see on their My Entries dashboard:


What if I can't find the missing votes?

You should always double-check to ensure that the voter in question actually made a vote donation.

1. You can do this by clicking Transactions at the top of the GGPC Admin:

2. The Contest Transactions page loads. Using the drop down at the top of the page, search for the name of the participant to see if you can locate a vote donation from them.

If you find their name, click the Pencil Icon next to their name to see how it's been recorded:


3. The View Transaction page loads. You can check to see what type of donation they made under "Donation Type":


4. If you're still unable to find a transaction for the voter in question, then there is a high probability that they didn't actually vote. All of the vote donations that pass through our system are tied to a recorded financial transaction, which means every vote is tied to a transaction.

It might be helpful to ask the voter if they voted under a different name or email address, or if they have a screenshot of the voting charge on their bank statement. If you need help locating missing votes from here, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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