I do not want a public entry period. Can I upload my own entries?

Yes, you can upload your own entries. While the vast majority of the contests we run allow a public entry period (where the public can enter their own images to vote on) we do run a handful of contests each year where the Contest Admin prefers to upload photos themselves.

With this option, the public entry period can be turned completely off with only voting is open to the public.

How it Works:

We (GoGo Photo Contest) do not upload any entries into the contests we host.

We provide two options:

Small Number of Entries

When it’s a small number of entries, we have the Contest Admin (which would be you) add entries via our Admin Mode.

This is done by following the instructions on this page:
Submitting a Test Entry (Or Entries Collected Offline) Into Your Photo Contest➝

This would have to be done one-by-one. In other words, it's not a bulk import (which we don’t have). It does move quickly once you have completed a few and gotten into a rhythm. 

Large Number of Entries

The second option is more for contests that have 50+ entries.

In this case, we can prepare and run a script that imports the entries.

We would need the images and a spreadsheet that has the corresponding information that goes with the image (including the image filename).

Don't want a Public Entry period?

If you do not want a public entry period and want to upload your own entries, just let us know how many entries you have when completing your GGPC questionnaire and we'll let you know which step you need to take.

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