Do you have any suggested settings or templates that I can use?

We provide the platform for running a simple and easy-to-use online donate-to-vote contest. All of your contest settings and content are completely up to you.

Rules template:

It's important to ensure that your fundraiser complies with your local fundraising rules and regulations, which means we cannot (and will not) provide a Rules template (or any related language) to you. That said, you're welcome to view the contests linked on our Testimonials page for inspiration for your own contest.

Contest settings:

While we cannot provide direct fundraising counsel, we can share the settings that are most commonly used by our clients. 

Entry fee: $5
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Start and end dates for voting and entering: Same timeframe
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Average length of a contest: 4 weeks
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Fundraising goal: $5000

Entries automatically approved: Yes

Results shown immediately after contest has ended: Yes

Categories: None
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Entry Fields: Name; Story or Bio


The above settings are examples only, and are not a guarantee of contest and fundraiser performance.



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