Can I manually review and approve the entries in my contest?

Yes! While the vast majority of contest administrators choose to use auto-approval, you do have the option to turn this feature off.

How does it work?

If you choose to not have auto-approval, you will receive an email notification each time someone enters your contest.

You will need to log into the GGPC Admin to manually review and approve each entry before they appear on your contest site (see example of dashboard notification below).


Things to know:

  • It's very rare that someone enters a photo that violates community standards. In the case that this happens, you can always log into the GGPC Admin and deny the entry at any time.
  • Auto-approval means that contest entries will appear on your public contest site immediately. If you choose to turn auto-approval off, your entrants will have to wait for you to approve the entry, which means that they may lose their fundraising momentum.
  • Since entrants are waiting for you to approve entries, you will need to be on top of approving entries on evenings and weekends, especially as last-minute entries roll in.

I want to turn Auto-Approval off

If you would like to have auto-approval turned off, you can indicate this in your setup document. You will receive this document after you have signed up.

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