Can my contest be in a different language? Or more than one language?

Our platform is developed in English, and almost all of the contests we've run have used the English language. Our platform currently has the capability to support donations in USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP, CHF, but most of these contests have still been in English.

That said, we have run a couple contests in countries (or provinces) where English wasn't the first language. 

All of the buttons on the site are still in English, as are the foundational pages (such as the account registration page). However, any page where there is customizable content (such as the Home, Rules, Prizes, About Us pages) and email receipts can use whichever language you provide.

If you want to run a bilingual contest with two languages: We can create links at the top of the content to switch between each language. We do not create any of the content for contests, and so you would be responsible for providing all of the content in both languages.

Read on for some examples:


Bilingual Contest in both English and French:
PetitsPawz in Montreal

PetitsPawz in Montreal that wanted to use both English and French. You can see that contest here:

They provided all content to us, in both languages. Their contests switches language via links at the top of the content page (see red arrow):


They also provided email template content in both languages:


Single language in French:
Sofia Rothen Photographie in Switzerland

Sophia Rothen Photographie wanted to use only French for their content, no English:



And here is an example of the content they provided for their email receipts:


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