I'm a returning client and my new contest is almost identical to my previous contest. Can I just run it again?

You sure can-- we make it quick and easy! Submit a sign-up form, and let us know that you would like to have your previous contest duplicated.



This is a great option if:

  • Very little has changed from your previous contest (for example, you might have a new dates, a new banner, and some small content edits)
  • Or, you're familiar with the GGPC Admin and are comfortable making edits and changes on your own


How does duplicating work?

When you choose Yes, please duplicate my previous contest:

  • We will create an entirely new contest in our system with your previous contest settings.
  • Your contest url will be the exact same as your previous contest. Your previous contest will be automatically archived at a new web address.
  • Your contest will be updated with your new contest dates in both your contest settings and throughout your content pages (Home page, Rules, etc).
  • Your Stripe account is still connected to our system from your previous contest, so there is no need to repeat the connecting process again. 
  • All of your previous contest entries and donations will be cleared out from the leaderboards and goal meter. You can always access your previous contest information in the GGPC Admin by following the instructions at locating information from your previous contest(s).

After you have submitted your duplicate request, we will have your duplicated contest back to you quickly for your review-- usually less than 24 hours (not including weekends and holidays).

From there you can make any edits/changes in the GGPC Admin, or you can send those requests to us.


Not sure if duplicating is right for you?

We recommend that you choose No, I'd like to receive the setup questionnaire if:

  • You are a new contest admin and are not very familiar with our system*
  • You have a lot of changes or an entirely new contest concept (for example, previous contest was a calendar contest, new contest is a beer label contest)
  • Or, you are not comfortable using the GGPC Admin to make your own edits/changes

We will then send the setup questionnaire to you to fill out completely. 

Any item that is the same as your last contest, can answer "duplicate from previous contest" to still make setup quick and easy.

Once you have returned your completed questionnaire, our team will be happy to create your new contest site and make all of the changes/edits for you.

*Reviewing and filling out the setup questionnaire is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of our platform to ensure that you're utilizing all of our features!

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