What information is needed to set up my contest?

The first step is to sign up:

Submitting a registration form lets us know a little more about you: Your organization's name, your contact information, and other details about the fundraiser you're planning to run.

Sign up here➝

Signing up is always risk-free, and there is absolutely no obligation. You can change your mind at any time if you decide that GoGo Photo Contest is not a good fit for your fundraising goals.

After you sign up:

After you sign up, we will send you a short questionnaire that contains a list of the items we'll need in order to set up your customized photo contest site. 

These contest items include:

  • Your contest rules. This includes your contest beginning and end dates, whether or not you would like an entry fee (and if so how much), what type of photographs you would like to allow in your contest (just pets, only dogs, only cats, babies, cars, etc)
    Do you have any suggested settings or templates that I can use?➝
  • Your prize package. We have some suggestions for potential prize packages on the following page:
    What are appropriate prizes for winners?➝
  • Your organization's logo.
  • A banner for your photo contest site. (This is something we can design for you if needed, free of charge)

Filling out the questionnaire allows you to fully understand our platform. Many of your answers can be reused for every fundraiser that you run with us, which makes setting up future contests quick and easy!


After you have completed your questionnaire:

Once you have returned your questionnaire and the items that we need to set up your photo contest, our team will get right to work creating your site while you sit back and relax. Most contests can be set up in 1-2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Once your contest is set up, we will send it to you for your review, and you will have the opportunity to request and changes or edits at that time.

Payment processing with Stripe:

You will also need to set up an account with our payment processor, Stripe, which is very similar to setting up a PayPal account.

We will send you instructions on how to do this after we have set up your contest and have sent it to you for your review.
How are donations processed?➝

REMEMBER: Signing up is always risk-free

If you sign-up, review the setup document, and then decide that GoGo Photo Contest is not right for you, that is totally fine. You don't even have to let us know that you've changed your mind! We would never pressure anyone to run a fundraiser with us.

We only collect our fees if your contest launches- there are no signup fees, setup fees, or minimum fees. 
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