I can't find a specific participant's entry. What should I do?

Occasionally you may be approached by an entrant that claims that they entered your contest, but their entry is not appearing anywhere on the public contest site.

There are a number of ways to troubleshoot this, listed below:

Do you have auto-approval set to "off"?

If so, you will need to log into the GGPC Admin to manually approve the entry before it will appear on the contest site.

More information about auto-approval here:
Can I manually review and approve the entries in my contest?➝

Did the entrant fully complete the entry process?

You can check by looking at the In Process Entries page in the GGPC Admin:
In Process Entries➝

More information about In Process Entries here:
What to do about "In Process" Entries➝

Did the entrant accidentally submit their photo in the "Reserve-a-Spot" module (if applicable) instead of entering your contest? 

You can check by looking at the Calendar Days report in the GGPC Admin:
Calendar Days report➝

If their name and email address are listed on this report, it means that they reserved a spot in your calendar instead of entering your contest. The vast majority of people are understanding about this and are happy to try the entry process again (you might want to provide a direct link to your entry page to them).

More information about the "Reserve-a-Spot" module here:
About the Reserve-a-Day Module➝

Did the entrant accidentally donate for votes instead of entering?

This is a little less likely, as donating-for-votes and entering your contest are two separate processes.

The easiest way to find out is by searching your Transactions report:
Transactions report➝

Once you've located the transaction that is associated with your participant, click the "pencil" icon:


This loads the View Transaction page.

Look under "Donation Type" to see what it says:


It will say "entry" if the entrant successfully entered.

If it does say entry but you're still unable to locate their entry on the public contest site, please reach out to us at hello@gogophotocontest.com and we'd be happy to look into it for you!

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