Contest Promotions: Keep Your Participants Engaged

We offer two different ways to keep participants engaged throughout your contest: entry promotions and vote promotions. SPCA Serving Erie county is a real-life example of using vote promotions, and you can see the various ways they used it below.

The Organization:

SPCA Serving Erie County, the 2nd oldest humane society in the US,  provides essential adoption, rescue, and other animal-related services to the residents of Erie County, NY. 

The Contest:

  • The  SPCA Serving Erie County 2016 Photo Contest launched on 2/22/2016 and ran for three and a half weeks, closing on 3/18/2016.
  • $10 entry fee
  • Prizes were awarded to the top seven photos receiving the most votes. These prizes included cash prizes, photo sessions, and tickets to premiere events. Their contest did not include a calendar as a prize.
  • They also awarded a $10 gift card to their SPCA Petique to those who donated $50 in votes.
  • Raised over $22,000 (Goal was $14,000)

Vote Promotions:

Throughout their contest, SPCA Serving Erie County ran several "bonus vote" promotions to encourage voting. These promotions were:

  1. Leap Day Promotion: Anyone donating $20 in votes on 2/29 received a 9 bonus votes.
  2. Flash Sale: On 3/8, anyone who donated $25 in votes received an additional 25 votes in their vote bank. The "sale" ran from 9 AM to 2 PM EST.
  3. Flash Sale: On 3/13, anyone who donated $20 in votes received 10 votes free.
  4. St. Patrick's Day Promotion: Anyone who donated votes before 2:00 PM EST received double votes.

The  vote promotional periods were advertised by SPCA Serving Erie County through email blasts, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts.

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