Verifying Promo Votes

There are two ways to check if promotional votes are being applied in your contest correctly.

Option One:

1. Log into the GGPC Admin:

2. Navigate to the Votes Applied Report:

The Votes Applied Report shows every record of votes being applied to an entry. This report is in chronological order.

3. Look at the Promo column.

If there is a grey check mark, it means that those votes are promo votes (see red arrow).

IMPORTANT: Promo votes are always applied immediately and cannot be banked.


Option Two:

1. Log into the GGPC Admin:

2. Navigate to Entries at the top of the page: 

3. Navigate to a specific entry. Clicking the green check mark loads the Entry Information page:


4. On the Entry Information page, you can see the specific promo votes that have been applied to an entry under the Promo column:


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