Using the Voucher Module

With the voucher module, you can offer Vote vouchers, Entry vouchers (good for one free entry), or Reserve-a-Spot vouchers (if applicable to your contest) in the form of a unique code to your contest participants. 


About Vote Vouchers:

Vote Vouchers are like gift cards. The holder of a vote voucher can decide:

  • when to use the vote voucher
  • how many votes to use at the time of voting
  • and which entry they want to apply those votes

The vote voucher holder does not have to use the entire voucher value on one entry.


About Entry Vouchers:

Entry vouchers are good for one free entry into the contest.


About Reserve-a-Spot Vouchers (if applicable to your contest):

Reserve-a-Spot vouchers are good for one free reserved calendar date block or grid space (depending how you have your Reserve-a-Spot module set up).



How to Use the Voucher Module:

1. Log into the 
GGPC Admin

2. Navigate to Settings > Vouchers:


3. Choose "Enabled" from the drop-down, then click "Submit".

This will activate voucher code boxes on your voting form, entry form, and reserve-a-spot form (click each for examples).


4. From there, choose what type of voucher you would like to create and how many. Then click "Create Vouchers".

For example, 5 vote vouchers with 25 votes each (pictured below).

Each time you click "Create Vouchers", a new .CSV file will be created that contains the vouchers you have specified. 

You can create as many voucher codes as you want, and each “batch” will create a .CSV file.

Clicking on the file will take you to a page that allows you to view the vouchers and export the .CSV file to Excel.

Each voucher is a unique code.

In the case of vote vouchers, you can also see how many votes are remaining on each voucher. 

IMPORTANT: How the codes are to be printed and distributed is up to you. We've had groups tell us that they sent them out via email, or did a mail merge in Word (using the spreadsheet) to print out physical voucher slips.






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