Does GoGo Photo Contest offer calendar printing or any other prize fulfillment?

We do not. We're software developers and we stick to what we're good at: Making sure our online platform is as easy to use as possible!

GoGo Photo Contest is the perfect online platform for running an online donate-to-vote contest, but we do not offer a calendar design or printing service, or any other prize fulfillment services. 

You will have access to all of the photos uploaded to your contest site, at the original size they were uploaded, so you may use any calendar printer that you wish.

For our clients that do not have a calendar printer in mind, we recommend working with our friends at GBC Fundraising Calendars for your calendar design and printing needs.

Why GBC Fundraising Calendars?

  • They have over seven decades of calendar fundraising experience and can help you realize the full advertising potential of your calendar.
  • Their many design options work hand-in-hand with our reserve-a-day feature.
  • They share our fundraising values and a passion for working with animal welfare organizations.
  • GBC Fundraising Calendars has extensive knowledge working with our platform, making your calendar fundraising and printing a seamless process!

    Learn more at GBC Fundraising➝

Interested in a printing quote from GBC Fundraising?

If you're interested in working with GBC Fundraising Calendars, let us know and we'd be happy to put you in touch with our rep.
Email GoGo Photo Contest➝

Otherwise you can submit any questions you have directly to GBC at this link:
GBC Fundraising Contact Us➝

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