How to use the Vote Bank feature

The Vote Bank allows you to purchase all of your votes at one time, on a single credit card transaction.

Once you have banked your votes, you can allocate them to multiple entries throughout the duration of the contest.

⚠️ Important to Know ⚠️

Banked votes MUST be applied to an entry before the contest ends. Any unallocated votes will not be automatically applied. Unallocated votes will be considered a contest donation to the organization and will not be automatically refunded.

Banked votes can only be used in the contest they were originally purchased in (they cannot be used in a different contest).


This is where you can find the option to bank votes when making a vote donation
(see red arrow):


The next time you vote on an entry, "Use Votes in Vote Bank" will appear as a payment method (see red arrow):



⚠️ IMPORTANT: Specify how many banked votes you wish to use via the Number of Votes drop-down:



Then, click Submit Now to apply your selected banked votes:


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