How much does it cost to run a GoGo Photo Contest Fundraiser?

Our pricing covers server costs and maintenance and includes 24/7 personal support by our talented team based in Littleton, Colorado.

We offer a simple and straight-forward pricing structure:

  • You will pay a 15% transaction fee on all contest donations until $5,000 has been raised.
  • After $5000 has been raised, the transaction fee drops to 5%. You will pay a 5% transaction fee on all contest donations moving forward.

We do not charge a setup fee or any other up-front fees.

There are no minimum transaction fees and there are no other hidden fees.

Please note that Stripe, our payment processor, charges a payment processing fee of a flat 2.75% fee on all credit card transactions*. 

To help you determine how much you will raise after all fees, check out our Pricing Calculator:
Pricing Calculator➝

*We have negotiated this special rate specifically for our clients. Almost all other payment providers (including PayPal) charge 2.90% + 30¢ per transaction.

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