Understanding Your Contest Reports


Under Contest Reports you can find various spreadsheet reports, all exportable to Excel. Below is a description of each one:

  • Participants (All) view report
    Contact information for every participant in your contest- voters AND entrants. 

  • Participants (Entrants Only) view report
    Contact information for just the entrants in your contest. 

    Note: The column for the amount they have donated is the amount that participant has donated, not the amount raised by their entry/entries in the contest. The participant could have donated on other entries and other participants could have donated on their entry/entries.

  • Entry Information view report
    Information for the entries in your contest. 

    This includes any information that was entered into the entry fields of your contest (such as pet's name, caption, etc) and contact information for the entrants in your contest. 

    Note: There may be more records in the Entry Information report than in your Participants (Entrants Only) report: This is because a participant could have more than one entry in your contest.

  • Transactions view report
    All of the transactions for your photo contest. If you used either our Calendar Pre-Order Module or our Calendar Reserve-A-Day Module, you can find out this information in the "Notes" column. 

  • Votes Applied view report
    This breaks down every vote and which entry it was applied to in your contest. 

  • Unused Votes view report
    All of the votes that are still remaining in vote banks. These votes have not been applied to an entry in the contest. 

  • Calendar Orders (if applicable) view report
    Transaction information for each calendar purchased through your contest site. This includes whether the order was designated to be picked up or shipped. 
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