I don't have the login credentials to my organization's Stripe account

If your organization has run previous fundraisers with GoGo Photo Contest, then they will have established a Stripe account, which is a 3rd party payment processor similar to PayPal. Your Stripe account allows your contest to process the donations that come in, and these donations are automatically deposited into your bank account. Read more here ➝

We always recommend that you login and review your Stripe account before you run a new fundraiser with us.

Logging in to your Stripe account allows you to ensure that all of the information in your Stripe dashboard is still correct (such as your bank account), and that there are no underlying issues preventing donations from being processed for your contest.

⚠️ IMPORTANT TO KNOW: GoGo Photo Contest has read-only access to your Stripe account. This allows us to tell you the name and email address that the account is under.

We can also tell you the last 4 digits of the bank account that has been added to your Stripe account.

We cannot change any of the information for your Stripe account.

We cannot issue new login credentials for your Stripe account.


Gaining your Stripe login credentials:

First, check to see if anyone at your organization has the credentials. Many organizations will have their president, accountant or treasurer retain their credentials.

If the password is unknown:

We do not have access to your password. We also cannot change your password.

We can only tell you the email address that is associated with your Stripe account.

If you do not have access to the email address, we recommend reaching out to your tech team to see if you can gain access to the Inbox of that email address.

You can then request a new password using that email address at this link: https://dashboard.stripe.com/reset

I was able to reset my password, but it's saying a 6 digit code was texted to a telephone number:

This is due to two-step authentication. Two-step authentication protects your Stripe account with an additional level of security, which helps keep your Stripe account safe. If compromised, your finances, customer details, and transaction information are at risk.

Chances are, the telephone number that was used for two-step authentication belongs to the person that created your Stripe account. You will need to reach out to this person to see if they can share that 6 digit code with you. 

Once you have received the code from them, you can update your account information here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/user

If you cannot get the 6 digit code from them, you can request a reset from Stripe at this link: https://dashboard.stripe.com/recover

None of the above options will work for me:

At this point you have two options:

  1. Contact Stripe to see if they will give you access to the account. You can email them directly at this link: https://support.stripe.com/contact/email?topic=login_issues
  2. Or, we can disconnect your previous Stripe account, which will allow you to set up and connect a new Stripe account to the GoGo Photo Contest system.

We caution you consider the second option very carefully. Just because we've disconnected your previous account doesn't mean that it's been deactivated or closed. This means that your organization will still have a live Stripe account with a bank account associated with it that no one can presently access.


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