Someone entered a photo that doesn't meet my contest guidelines. What should I do?

First thing: You should try to keep your photo guidelines as open and wide as possible. Your contest participants are fundraising on your behalf, and most participants will use a photo that has an emotional connection to them. It's very rare to receive a photo entry that completely violates community standards.

Second thing: If you do have an entrant that submits a photo that does not meet your contest's guidelines, we always recommend that you reach out to the entrant first to ask for a new photo, before denying the entry.  

There are a couple reasons for this:

  • If you have an entry fee, denying an entry will not automatically refund the paid entry fee. Swapping the photo, on the other hand, means the entry fee stays with that entry (no refunds necessary).
  • Voting fees are not automatically refunded when denying an entry. Swapping the photo, on the other hand, means the current votes (if any) stay with that entry (no refunds necessary).

Only Contest Admins (you) can change entry photos. Entrants cannot change their own photos.

You can change/swap photos on an entry by following the instructions here:
Changing an Entrant's Photo➝

If you still absolutely need to deny an entry, you can find instructions for that here:
Denying an Entry in Your Contest➝

⚠️ Remember: Denying an entry does not automatically process any refunds. If you need the votes or entry fee refunded, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.


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