Can I use GoGo Photo Contest to send mass email blasts?

Not at this time. Our system does automatically send a number of customizable emails that contain your contest and participant information (detailed below), but we do not offer the option to send one-off emails outside of these automatic emails. We've explored the option, but it's currently cost prohibitive and would force us to raise our fees.

If you are interested in sending out a custom email blast using your own email provider, we have instructions on how to find participant email information right here: Emailing Contest Participants ➝

Our platform automatically sends the following emails:

Standard emails:

  • Entry: This email goes to all entrants in your contest. It contains a link to your contest site and to the participant's entry, along with options for them to edit their entry (if necessary).

  • Entry Approved: This is only for contests that do not have auto-approval. This email is sent after the Contest Admin has reviewed and approved a participant's entry. It lets them know that their entry has been approved in the contest, and is now appearing on the public site. It also contains a link to a participant's entry.

  • Donation: This email goes to anyone who donates in your contest. This is usually voters, but if you have an entry fee then the same email will also go to entrants. It contains a link to your contest, and also transaction information (this email can be used as a donation receipt).

  • Votes Applied Notification: This email lets entrants know that someone has applied votes to their entry. It contains the name of the voter and the number of votes applied. 

  • Voting Reminder Auto-email: This email begins sending approximately 72 hours before your contest is set to end, and it lets your participants know that your contest is ending soon. 

Optional Module emails:

  • Reserve a Calendar Day Donation: This email goes out to anyone who has reserved a calendar day in your contest (if applicable), and contains transaction information.

  • Calendar Purchase: This email goes out to anyone who has purchased a calendar (if applicable), and contains transaction information.
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