About the Calendar Pre-Sale Module

Over 60% of the photo contest fundraisers that we run offer a spot in a calendar as part of their prize package.

The Calendar Pre-Sale module allows organizations to sell their calendars as part of the entry process and as a separate form (for those who are not entering the contest).

The Calendar Pre-Sale Module is available to anyone who wants to offer calendar pre-sales as part of their photo contest.

How does it work?

You give us three pieces of information:

1. How much is the price of each calendar?

2. How much is shipping for each calendar?

3. Can calendars be picked up in-person at your organization (avoiding shipping costs for the purchaser)?

We take this information and create a calendar pre-sale form that look similar to this:

The Pre-Order form as a part of the entry process:

The option to pre-order a calendar is available for every entrant during the entry process:

The Pre-Order form as standalone ordering (separate from entry):

This form is available under the Participate drop-down on your contest site.


It's also located in the right-hand container on your Home page, under Recent Entries:


You can share the link to your pre-order form on your website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

The form remains live even after your contest has ended, for continued calendar sales.


Accessing Pre-Order information:

Find instructions for accessing pre-order information right here.


Calendar pre-sales are subject to GGPC transaction fees (http://www.gogophotocontest.com/pricing)

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