Rotating an Entrant's Photo

Occasionally, an entrant will upload a photo to your contest and while it displays normally on their computer, it rotates to the wrong orientation when uploaded. This is very rare, but it most likely has something to do with their photo viewing software on their computer.

To Rotate a Photo:

1. Log into the GGPC Admin

2. Navigate to Entries at the top of the page: 

3. Search for the entry. You can either do this by locating the participant in the drop-down at the top of the page, or by doing a search using CTRL+F on the page

4. When you've located the entry, click the Pencil Icon to edit it.

5. The Add/Edit Entry screen loads. Click Rotate Image directly underneath the image:

6. The page will reload. Sometimes, it will show the image still in the same orientation as before. This is because your browser has cached the previous image/orientation.

If this happens, REFRESH/RELOAD your browser.

7. Continue to click Rotate Image (and refresh/reload your browser if necessary) until the correct orientation is shown.  

You may have to do this several times since each click will only rotate the image once, clock-wise. 

⚠️ Browsers LOVE to cache old images. If this happens, REFRESH/RELOAD the entry page at the public contest site to show the new, correct orientation.


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