How much does it cost to run a GoGo Photo Contest Fundraiser?

We offer a simple and straight-forward pricing structure. We do not charge a setup fee or any other up-front fees. You will pay a 5% transaction fee on all contest donations after $5,000 has been raised. You will pay a 15% transaction fee on all contest donations until $5,000 has been raised. Please note that the payment processor will charge you a payment processing fee of a flat 2.75% fee on all credit card transactions*. There is no minimum transaction fee and there are no other hidden fees. To help you determine how much you will raise after all fees, check out our Pricing Calculator.

Pricing Calculator➝

*We've negotiated this special rate for our clients. Almost all other payment providers (including PayPal) charge 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

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