Latest Features


Freshened contest template:

This includes a completely redesigned leaderboard and countdown clock to the beginning and end of your contest.

Both of these elements pull colors directly from your contest palette for eye-pleasing integration.


Recent Donations feed:

The Recent Donations feed shows all of the recent donors in your contest. On desktop, it shows in the right-hand column. On mobile, it shows above the leaderboard.



Words of Encouragement commenting system:

Our new commenting system encourages voters to write optional words of encouragement along with their donation, to appear on the entry to which they are voting.


Brand new Share tools:

We created a brand new share module to make it easier to share entries via email and social media.


Improved stats on GGPC Admin dashboard:

We’ve made the GGPC Admin dashboard stats easier to read, more comprehensive, while also speeding up the loading time.


Contest Promotions now have alerts on the Homepage:

Anytime you run a contest promotion, an alert will appear on the dashboard letting your participants know the specifics of the promotion and when it ends.


Mobile Payments (Apple Pay and Google Pay):

Apple Pay and Google Pay have been fully integrated as a payment option into the voting process, to make donating even easier for your participants (in supported browsers).


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